Friday, April 9, 2010

its been a while

Its been a whil,e since I have been on here. Things have been pretty hectic with work training for Masters Nationals (I know I must be getting old now!) Makayla's first birthday, my birthday and now I am finally on annual leave!!! YAY!!!
I am in the final phases of prep for the Masters National Track titles. My first Masters Titles for me. (I could have riden last year but with Makayla only 1 month old and the titles being held in Tassie, we thought it turn into a nightmare.
Today Kerry and I took Makayla to Healsville to hand her over to Nanny Suzanne and Great Nanny for a few days until Kez and I drive to Mornington to pick her up and stay while competing.
Have you noticed how well I plan things? Drop off child at a winery (Innocent Bystander) collect from Morningtom Peninsular both are wine regions which means both trips are work related, gotta love my job.
this will be a short post tonight but I have a few more wines to review while I am on holidays but I will update all with the gossip from Masters Track Nationals next week. It will be interesting especially if you have read @endurogirl post from today regarding the womens team sprint ruling.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2008 Farmer wants a wife Sangiovese

Weather was pretty crappy here on Friday so after having the usual coffe at Espresso on Ovens and then calling into Rock n Road Cycles to catch up with Rob and Mannon. (Makayla was disapointed that Nat was not there for cuddles) we decided to go to Wahgunyah to visit my parents and surprise them.
On the way there we realised that mum wouldnt be home from work yet so we called into see my old collegues at All Saints Estate it was just on 12.30 so most would be in the lunch room. After seeing all the usual suspects in the lunch room, we walked back to the cellar door to catch up with Ralph 'Knaggsy' Meggs via the winery. Vintage is well underway at ASE an infact they had the first pressload of red in the basket press that dates back to 1873. I did a full vintage in '08 at ASE and know how hands on vintage is at the castle. Dan and Ned were both there taking turns to crank the press one of my favourite jobs during vintage and a great way to get fit in the upper body. Ned started talking about his new wines (Ned makes some nice wines on the side called Neds Tin Shed) in particular the 2008 Sangiovese, which I knew quite a bit about and has quite a story to it.
Many of you will remember that in the 2008 series of 'The farmer wants a wife' that Nick Brown was conned into appearing on it. Many of you said that it was a publicty stunt and that Nick was stupid for choosing the wrong girl but more on that another day. By the time filming started most of our wine had already been racked to barrels and maturing. (it was one of those vintages that caught you with your pants down it was really early) But the producers wanted to get the girls dirty by helping in the winery filling barrels, crushing grapes and generally makning a mess. As all our fruit had been picked we needed to buy some from somewhere that still going through vintage. Enter the King Valley. We called my now employer who put us onto a grower who wanted to sell some Sangiovese at a good price. Really good infact! Ned went halves with Nick in the fruit. Ned half was made into a nice savoury Sangiovese, soft gentle tannins with some good acid on the back and easy enough to drink a glass and go back for more. Ideally matched with a classic pizza on a Friday night when its raining and track racing has been cancelled. I've still got Ned's 2009 Chenin Blanc and 2008 Sangiovese Cabernet to try in the next few days. I will report on them once I have tried them

Friday, March 5, 2010

Last weekends racing

Last weekend I though I would do the right thing and ride the MAC10 (Multisport Albury City 2010) Criterium rather than drive to Melbourne to Revolution. Some things have changed since I last rode a crit in Albury and some things have stayed the same.
The things that have changed are mostly the circuit. The old hot dog circuit in Dean Street used to be great, yes it hurt like hell doing 2 hair pin turns each lap for 45 minutes but there was always good support from both riders and spectators. Cafes would be full of spectators drinking cafe lattes while watching the riders suffer like hell. Now the circuit is held at Norieul Park by the river. Now I likes the cicuit (tight technical) it really took it away from the spectators. if you weren't in the know you would never even known that there was a bike race on. Not even arrows or signs directing to a bike race.
Anyway onto the bike race. When I rang and entered earlier in the week they asked if I wanted C or D grade. I thought it funny that they asked me that rather tan taking my entry and grading me themselves. I said C with a snigger to myself and when I told some others they said I should have just asked for the prizemoney straight up.
The race started in greasy conditions after a torrential downpour which made wheel election easy ride Dura ace alloys - stay away from carbons in the wet. First lap went easliy everyone finding there feet in the conditions only one 'tool' from Wagga cutting under on a corner and panicing at the last minute when a 100kg wall (me) wouldn't move from my line making him freak out and shout expletivies at me. Oh well he will know better for next time!!
Lap 2 starts and we cross the Start/Finish line round the nice sweeper which was greasy on the outside but nice inside. go down the back straight and veer left max 5 degrees turn it was almost dead straight and some gumby lock up his wheels causing riders to fall like dominos I did a skid about 30m long that I would have been proud of as a kid. I even had the bike sideways according to Millsy who was on my wheel freaking out. Got out of the saddle to get back up the front to discover a real wheel puncture!! Brand new tyre I thought I must have shredded it to bits. Ends up it was just a big bit of road crap stuck in it. straight around to the pits got a lap out and rejoined. only to have another gumpy lock up his rear wheel on the turn just before the climb and put me into the gutter and a masive puddle. lost time and was about 100m off the back. Over the next 20 minutes I kept catching dropped riders but just couldn';t bridge across to the leaders. It was interesting to note that ever time I caught riders they would always ride a lap or two with me before dropping out and on each occasion going into the hill corner they would touch the brakes meaning a powerful acelleration was required. every time I was at the front I would ride into the corner not touch the brakes ride nicely up the hill and put 20 - 30 metres on them
anyway the race for the placings was over and I rode out the race to the finish. Would have finished just outside the top 10. Good ride by Aaron Mills who regulary rides our Friday night track racing who won the crit.